Art of Change: Report

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Thank you for being one of 180 arts and culture leaders who attended our Art of Change workshop on Monday, November 2. Your work is one of the cornerstones of a healthy community – and we are all enriched by it. We’re grateful to all of you for contributing to Atlanta’s quality of life through the art that you produce and curate. We appreciate your taking time away from your enterprises to learn with us.

A few positive headlines from the workshop:

  • People want more arts experiences. And thanks to investigators like Sarah Leonard and Jennifer Leonard-Novack, we know more about what motivates people to seek out arts experiences – and the barriers – both perceptual and practical – that too often prevent them from getting to performance halls and event spaces.
  • Executive teams within arts organizations can come together to implement game-changing audience building strategies that focus on building lifelong relationships with customers (as opposed to transactions). We know this from the real-life examples Bob Harlow shared with us.
  • There are tried and true techniques that arts organizations are using to deepen their engagement with all of the individuals they reach – their donors, their subscribers and the individuals who may attend once or twice and not return. As you heard from TRG Arts, arts organizations that succeed in building audiences are smart about the methods for analyzing – and acting on – the information they gather.

The research, case studies and stories we heard on November 2 - from the NEA, the Clay Studio, Fleisher Art Memorial, and the Pacific Northwest Ballet – are powerful affirmations in support of intentional audience building.

art of changeWe're especially excited that we’re already hearing similar stories of audience building efforts –at various stages – underway among the organizations that attended the workshop. As we continue to explore the path forward for The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, it’s critical that we hear from you. If you haven’t completed the follow-up survey, please click here now and do so. We value your feedback and would like to hear from you by December 4. If you have ideas for audience building, please send those to Terri Theisen at Theisen Consulting: Your ideas will help us calibrate our next steps.

This follow up report below contains the presentations of our speakers, the summary notes that we took throughout the workshop, and additional resources that may be helpful to you as you continue on your audience-building journey.

Best regards,

Penelope McPhee
Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation