Stories of Impact: Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation

Atlanta Falcons Youth FoundationDanielle - Dancing to a Healthier Lifestyle

While she started out dancing with Moving in the Spirit to learn better technique, this high schooler has gained an entire new set of life skills. Danielle improved her eating habits and is now helping to change those of her family. She is also speaking before large audiences thanks to her increased confidence.
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Nadia - Gaining A New Passion For Life Through Physical Activity

Ten-year-old Nadia describes herself as a changed person and she's not the only one. She's impacted the staff at the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta as well as her peers and family as they see her new enthusiasm for life. She's involved in many sports and activities at the club including swimming and basketball, strives for the best grades possible, and has changed her eating habits, resulting in losing several pounds.
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Jonathan - Moving from Sedentary to Active

Jonathan has been with the Kilometer Kids youth running program since the inception. When Jonathan first joined he could not walk and complete 100 meters. Over the first year, Jonathan was not only able to walk 100 meters, he was able to run and complete an entire mile without stopping. Fast forward to Spring 2010, he is still taking part in Kilometer Kids, has become much healthier and leaner as an athlete. He’s learned the value of healthy eating choices along with the importance of being active and staying active.
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Corbin - Building Confidence and Trying New Activities

Corbin's YMCA summer camp experience transformed his body and his outlook on life. For this Atlanta 8-year-old, the immersion into regular physical activity helped him build confidence, explore new adventures and – along the way – adopt new eating habit and lose 20 pounds.

CrossFit Twins - Discovering What They Can Accomplish

Sixteen-year-old twins, RicQuita and BreQuita, spent 8 weeks in the CrossFit Kids program learning about how to eat better and improve their overall wellbeing. Prior to the summer camp, the girls thought of themselves as overweight and had never learned about good nutrition or how to properly work out to benefit their bodies and minds.
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Make a Splash - Providing Thousands of Kids A New Experience

Make a Splash is a national child-focused water safety initiative created by the USA Swimming Foundation, with the goal of teaching every child in America how to swim. It works by aligning the nation’s top learn-to-swim resources in an effort to save lives. Make a Splash educates parents through a national awareness campaign, saves lives by joining forces with grassroots learn-to-swim programs and reaches thousands of children through wide-reaching in-school materials.
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