Speaker Series: American Explorers

Runways to Leadership
Preparing Young Leaders for the Challenges Ahead


Changing the world is about unlocking the leadership potential that lives within young men and women who can imagine how tomorrow can be better than today. Once these young men and women get access to a new runway, they can take flight and lead communities toward a brighter, healthier future. Join Wes Moore,  select Atlanta leaders and youth from American Explorers for this special event.

Wes Moore
Best-Selling Author & Youth Advocate

Wes Moore’s life is both an inspiring story, and a cautionary tale. As a troubled youth growing up in the inner-city, Wes’s life could have tumbled down a dangerous path. Fortunately a series of factors, including the transformative power of education coupled with faithful mentors, helped launch Wes into success and give him a powerful platform with which he can alter the lives of other troubled youth.

Wes Moore’s mission is to help young people succeed and make the right choices through education and awareness along-side the support of their parents, teachers and mentors. Moore is the Founder and CEO of BridgeEdU, an innovative college platform that addresses the college completion and job placement crisis by reinventing the freshman year in a way that engages students in real-world internships and service-learning opportunities in addition to providing an academic foundation. He is also the author of The Work, to be released in January, which chronicles Wes’s journey to discover meaning in his work and how he found that meaning in service.

Drawing on his experiences as a military leader, his innovations in education and his business acumen, Moore now speaks on his compelling message that it is the vitality of leadership and the presence of committed support networks that leads to success – from the smallest school to the largest corporation.

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What is American Explorers?

American Explorers is a new, not-for-profit enterprise that offers young men and women of high school age the opportunity to explore their potential as leaders. Our 20-day Summer Leadership Program offers the chance to learn leadership skills in a safe, caring learning environment guided by talented, qualified and experienced educators.

Students will hail from both Atlanta and Montana, the vast majority of whom participate in community-based programs and schools supported by The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch Fund.

Learn more: info@americanexplorers.org