Westside Neighborhood Prosperity Fund - Application Process


The Westside Neighborhood Prosperity Fund grant application process consists of three steps: 1) taking an eligibility quiz; 2) submitting an initial grant inquiry; and 3) submitting a full grant application, if invited to apply.

Eligibility Quiz

The first step in the grant application process entails taking an eligibility quiz.  This quiz asks each prospective grantee the following:

  • Is your organization proposing to provide services and products in the targeted Westside neighborhoods?  (These neighborhoods consist of Vine City, English Avenue, Castleberry Hill and the adjacent neighborhoods).
  • Is your organization a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation?  (We will eventually need your IRS tax exemption letter as proof of 501(c)(3) status)

Initial Grant Inquiry

If your organization successfully completes the eligibility quiz, you will be redirected to complete an Initial Grant Inquiry.  The Initial Grant Inquiry form is accessed via CyberGrants, an online grant management system.  Prospective grantees will be asked to sign into CyberGrants.  If they do not already have a CyberGrants login, they will have to create one.  The Initial Grant Inquiry form will ask that you provide details on your proposed project/program, as well as background on your organization.  A sample form can be viewed here.

Completed Initial Grant Inquiry forms submitted outside of the CyberGrants system will not be accepted.

After an Initial Grant Inquiry form has been completed and properly submitted, it will be reviewed to assess whether the prospective grantee’s proposal is a good fit for Westside Neighborhood Prosperity Fund support. 

Prospective grantees who submit an Initial Grant Inquiry request will be informed of whether they are being asked to submit a full grant application within a reasonable period of time.

Full Grant Application

If a prospective grantee’s Initial Grant Inquiry request is viewed favorably they will be invited to submit a full grant application via CyberGrants.  They will be provided an invitation code to access the full grant application.

To begin the application process click here.

For questions contact Debbie Montgomery.