Memorial Day Letter from The Overwatch Fund

Today is Memorial Day. It’s the unofficial start to summer and a day that many families across the U.S. take off for barbecue, swimming and family fun. For us, who are either former or active members of the U.S. Armed Forces, or have a strong personal connection to the military, this day has a deeper meaning.


We are a family of active and retired members of the U.S. military, contractors and family members of those who have served, and now we all have the honor of contributing to the work across the Arthur M. Blank Family of Businesses. In serving our country and upholding the values of the organization we work for, we serve on The Overwatch Fund committee, where we, on behalf of The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, award grants to nonprofit organizations in Georgia that improve veterans’ conditions related to mental health, homelessness and successful transition from service.


We are fortunate that, however difficult it may have been, we’ve been able to transition from military service to civilian life, or in some cases a blend of the two. We feel it’s our obligation to give back to our airmen, soldiers, marines, sailors and coasties and continue to serve so that they too can thrive upon return. What we have all come to learn is that when you serve in the military, you are part of a large family that protects and supports you, and it isn’t until you separate that you may find yourself fighting life’s battles alone. The Overwatch Fund is proud to support many amazing organizations like Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO), Headstrong Project, and Team Red White and Blue, among many others, who are providing the connections needed for veterans to transition to civilian life.


This Memorial Day, our minds will be with those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice: those men and women with whom we’ve flown, fought side by side and slept next to, who are gone. Memorial Day is about honoring their legacy and keeping their spirits alive. We encourage all Americans to remember those service men and women who donned a uniform so that all of us can have the freedoms that we cherish. If you pause a moment to reflect upon the men and women who’ve died in service of our country, this day will have deeper and more significant meaning.




Members of The Overwatch Fund Family