Program Overview

WE BELIEVE …in accelerating audience building innovations for nonprofit arts organizations and helping to create personalized experiences for increased public support.

Investment Strategy

More than 50 Atlanta arts organizations have come together to change the game. Launched by the Blank Family Foundation and led by a steering committee of peers, the Audience Building Roundtable is poised to accelerate audience building innovations. Through the Roundtable, groups are testing ways to build relationships with those elusive adults– the interested, non-attenders – and to deepen relationships with customers who have sampled programming but not returned for more.

As a peer network, the Roundtable fosters learning across organizations and challenges arts groups to listen and respond to audience desires. Only then can arts groups align their priorities with audience interests. Network gatherings are customized so members can tap into the right experts at the moment it matters most. Members pursue audience building solutions and case studies that will benefit their own organizations and their peers.

Visit the Audience Building Roundtable website to see a full list of current members and to learn about resources.