Program Overview

WE BELIEVE ….that young people, families, and entire communities need healthy, inspiring places to grow and develop. Parks and community green spaces offer social, ecological, and economic benefits to residents and visitors alike.

Investment Strategy

We seek partners with a passion for parks and green space.

Through these partners, we aim to preserve and enhance a new generation of safe, clean, accessible parks and community green spaces.

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WE BELIEVE … in managing our property and associated businesses in a responsible and sustained manner, and being a valued neighbor and engaged member in the community of the Paradise Valley and beyond.

The brands of Mountain Sky Guest Ranch and West Creek Ranch is inexorably linked to their environments. The ranches are a vital piece in the larger Paradise Valley-Greater Yellowstone region that comprises one of the most unique landscapes in the world. We are bound to the future of open space, wildlife habitat, water quality, and human community.


The Paradise Valley of Montana, viewed from space presents itself as four principal components: the dark green of the forestlands, browns and light greens of range and agricultural lands, the blue ribbons of the Yellowstone River and its tributaries, and the circles, squares, and lines of human communities. Collectively, these are the components that make up the landscape and they define our work and investment:

  • Yellowstone Waters — Conservation and wise management of the Upper Yellowstone River and its tributaries through partnerships and collective action.
  • Ranching for Paradise – Preservation of the region’s wildlife, open space, and ecosystem services through continuation of working lands that are profitable while building land health and community.
  • Community to Match the Scenery — Work to increase citizen and landowner engagement in growth-related initiatives.


  • Focus on maintaining working lands as a viable and dominant part of the Paradise Valley and conserving the associated ecosystem services.
  • Manage for the Triple Bottom Line of Land health (ecosystem), economics (profitability), and community (social capital).
  • Work within a “radical center” of practitioners dedicated to open dialogue, sustainable agriculture, wildlife, open space, and other like interests.
  • Identify the common ground that unites, not the fringe that divides.