WE BELIEVE…in honoring the service of U.S. veterans and their families to help them realize their full potential. The mission of the Overwatch Fund is to empower U.S. veterans and their families to lead purposeful and meaningful lives in Georgia.

Administered by The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, the Overwatch Fund is led by associates from across the Blank Family of Businesses who are U.S. veterans or have strong personal connections to military service including family of service members. Committee service is volunteer – in addition to work roles – giving our associates an opportunity to live our Core Values.

U.S. veterans offer tremendous value to their communities – bringing strengths in leadership, training, discipline, teamwork and being of service to others. We believe in helping veterans and their families realize their full potential, especially those who bear the toll of the visible and invisible wounds of war.

Our approach includes grantmaking to nonprofit organizations, collaborating with private and public stakeholders, and community engagement that connects veterans to post-service OPS:

  • Opportunities
  • Purpose
  • Support

The Fund’s investments focus on innovative and best-in-class services, training, care and resources for veterans and their families in Georgia and Montana. To qualify for the Overwatch Fund, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) operating in Georgia or Montana, providing services to a majority of participants based in Georgia or Montana, or expanding existing programming to serve these states. For Georgia, the focus area is metro Atlanta; for Montana, it’s Park and Gallatin Counties.

Investment Strategy

Our 2022 priorities include:

  • Purpose: Veteran Wellness The Fund believes veterans with physical wounds deserve best-in-class care and treatment. Whether struggling with visible or invisible wounds of war like post-traumatic stress, veterans and their families deserve to know post-traumatic growth is possible. Trauma and stress should not be shouldered alone and taking care of mental health is as important as physical health care. In the military, you are part of a team, looking out for each other and serving a mission. It is possible to redefine your tribe and reconnect to purpose in post-service life.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to suicide prevention; holistic and integrative care and treatment; programs that address mental health, posttraumatic growth, equine or other animal therapy, sports and recreation therapy, art therapy, wellness practices. Desired outcomes include reducing symptoms of PTSD and anxiety, increasing hopefulness, strengthening relationships, building connections to community; providing opportunities for veterans to Give Back to Others – one of our Core Values.

  • Support: No Veterans Left Behind The Fund believes in the importance of human dignity and the responsibility to serve those who have served us. No one should experience homelessness or be unable to meet basic needs – particularly veterans who have sacrificed in service of our nation.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to access to safe and stable housing; food security; legal services for veterans and their families, including the needs of justice-involved veterans; addressing gaps in essential resources that help prevent veterans and their families from experiencing homelessness or assist them through crisis to self-sufficiency.

  • Opportunities: Connecting veterans to meaningful post-service careers The Fund believes veterans bring a range of training expertise to civilian life and offer unique leadership strengths in the workplace and their communities.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to career development, mentorship, and workforce pathways; culturally competent training and support, professional and educational certifications.

The Fund is especially interested in proposals with proven track records of providing transformative care, training, or treatment for the visible and invisible wounds of war, as well as facilitating the successful transition from military to civilian life.

Funding Inquiry and Application Guidelines

The Overwatch Fund supports creative approaches and innovative programs that improve outcomes for veterans and their families in Georgia and Montana. Organizations and projects should align with the Fund’s 2022 priorities (listed above). Funding requests should focus on programming and general operating support. In consideration of your organization’s time and resources, please reach out for pre-approval to submit if your project falls into these areas:

  • projects in Georgia or Montana that are located outside of our focus areas
  • capital proposals
  • sponsorship requests

Pre-approval is required because these projects are considered on very limited basis. Questions can be directed to shauna.greene@ambfo.com. Due to the volume of inquiries, it may be a few business days before you receive a reply.

Step 1: Prior to submitting, please review our Core Values for alignment and confirm your organization does not fall within this list of ineligible organizations or activities.

Step 2: Please complete this inquiry form by providing overview details of your organization and the programming or project for which you are seeking funding.

Important dates and next steps:

  • The committee will review inquiries once monthly in March, April and May. If the inquiry form is completed by the 14th of the month, the Fund will provide feedback by month-end; inquiries submitted the 15th or later, feedback will be given the following month. Ex: if an inquiry form is submitted by 4/14/2022, feedback by 4/30/2022; if submitted 4/15-4/30/2022, feedback by 5/31/2022.
  • The inquiry window closes 4/30/2022.
  • Eligible nonprofits are encouraged to submit early.
  • If an inquiry results in an invitation to apply, the applicant will have two weeks to complete the application and reporting requirements, followed by a site visit.
  • Site visits will be scheduled for May and June. If this timing is not possible for your organization, please note that in your application.
  • The Fund is honored to learn more about the valuable work being done by nonprofits to improve quality-of-life for veterans and their families. However, given the number of worthy organizations and projects that are eligible, the Fund is unable to provide funding for all submissions received.