Five years after Mercedes-Benz Stadium broke ground, is Atlanta’s Westside revival working?

Two preteen boys pushed bicycles through the streets of English Avenue one recent rainy, chilly afternoon. They paid little attention to the boarded-up yellow house beside them. It wasn’t much different than the hundreds of vacant houses that line nearby streets, with the exception of what was spray-painted across its faded plywood: “Devil Satan Rules […]


Closer Look: The Westside and its Future with Arthur Blank and the YMCA Youth & Leadership Center

Rose Scott interviews Atlanta businessman and philanthropist Arthur Blank inside the headquarters of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation.


More than Fun and Games

It’s no surprise that Mercedes-Benz Stadium is bringing more visitors and dollars to Atlanta, but the real legacy may be the Westside revitalization efforts underway Inside the gleaming $1.5-billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium in downtown Atlanta, all is jaw-droppingly bright, energy-infused and just plain fun. It’s a great place to experience Falcons football or Atlanta United FC […]


In The New Atlanta Falcons Stadium, One Restaurant Has A Mission Beyond Food

The Atlanta Falcons will kick off their first home game at the city’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium on September 17. Regardless the outcome of the game, some residents working there already feel like they’ve pulled out a win. That’s because The West Nest, a concession stand located on the stadium’s 300-level, will be staffed entirely by local […]


Atlanta’s New NFL Stadium Is Raising The Bar For Everybody Else

HuffPost Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a behemoth, located delicately in the center of downtown Atlanta between skyscrapers, public parks, and thousands of homes. Huge, triangular glass panes make up the outer walls of the $1.5 billion structure and reflect a diverse city that is hosting three professional stadium projects completing in the span of a year […]


Westside Works teaches knife skills, life skills

Creative Loafing At his wife’s birthday party in 2013, Thomas Ford was so drunk and high on Molly that he accidentally shot himself in the throat. He spent 27 days in the hospital relearning how to walk and talk, and resolved to pursue a legitimate career. From there, he developed Bo’s Sauce, a barbecue sauce […]