Gwinnett schools announce plans for new girls’ flag football teams this fall

Gwinnett schools announce plans for new girls’ flag football teams this fall

Gwinnett County Schools announced that Friday Night Lights this fall will not be just for the boys.

The district said they will the first ones in the metro area to offer flag football for girls.

They told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon that they hope to have a team at nearly every school in the county starting this fall.

The district says the game plan includes about 20 teams with 15 girls per team and the district believes all of them will be trailblazers.

Parent John Montes told Wilfon that his daughter could be one of the first to sign up.

“She can throw a football.  She plays in the backyard with her brother all the time so maybe we’ll give it a shot,” Montes said.

Sloan Roach with Gwinnett County Schools said the district is proud to finally bring the sport to young women.

“This is just one more great opportunity for girls to get involved,” Roach said.

But the district didn’t draw up the game plan on its own.

“We’re very pleased to be working with the Falcons to provide this opportunity to girls in Gwinnett County,” Roach told Wilfon.

The teams of 15 girls at nearly every Gwinnett high school will play each other over a 10-game schedule.

The district hopes the program might persuade the Georgia High School Association to launch flag football in other districts and bring more girls onto the field.

“It’s fun to have girls go out and compete in other areas than what’s typically known as girls’ sports,” Roach said

They hope to start playing games in October. Sign-ups should start soon.

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