Atlanta’s historic Westside has a rich history and legacy as the seat of the civil rights movement. Despite this, residents have faced decades of disinvestment and neglect. We believe that catalytic, positive neighborhood transformation in the Westside is possible by working with community on strategic funding investments; leveraging additional resources; building community and political will to address systemic issues of racial inequities, poverty and disinvestment; and, ensuring that neighborhood transformation benefits all, especially long-time residents. Our collective vision is grounded in the rich history and legacy of the Westside and the aspirations of its long-standing residents.

Our refreshed strategy

Eight years after launching the Westside Neighborhood Prosperity Fund and five years following the opening of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, we are continuing to invest in positive transformational change in the Westside. Our next decade of grantmaking will be dedicated to increasing the economic mobility of legacy residents.

We will focus our next investments on supporting residents in their ability to choose to stay in the thriving historic neighborhoods of English Avenue and Vine City. Over the next ten years, the foundation will aim to increase the number of legacy residents experiencing financial security and increase the housing supply to meet their needs.

In November 2022, we announced $2.4 million in grants to support this new strategy, bringing our total 2022 Westside grantmaking to $5 million. Inclusive of these latest grants, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation’s total current Westside financial commitment over the past decade exceeds $57 million.