Stories of Impact: Stanton Park

The Rebirth of D.H. Stanton Park

D.H. Stanton Park, south of Turner Field in the Peoplestown neighborhood, has been transformed into a showpiece of Atlanta's park system.  A former landfill, the park is now expanded to 7 1/2 acres, and boast new amenities for all to enjoy.  On their way to the new splashpad and baseball field, park goers can't help but notice the canopy of solar panels or photovoltaic array, designed to make the park cost-neutral.  Long-term the park will become part of the Atlanta BeltLine, the planned 22-mile necklace of parks, trails and transit around the city.  The park's grand opening on May 14, 2011, was attended by Dolores Norman, now a college student, who was badly burned by the methane gas seeping up from the ground while playing in the park when she was eight years old. 

The park's $4.5 million transformation was made possible through a contribution from the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, the City of Atlanta Park Improvement Bonds, the Atlanta BeltLine TAD, and a donation from the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Capital Campaign, which was used to purchase three parcels of land to create another entrance on the park's east side.

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