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Molly-Arthur-Michael Portrait

Molly Blank Fund

Molly Blank was a philanthropist, a sculptor, a dancer, a fighter for social justice and a loving mother and role model to Michael Blank and Arthur M. Blank.

Molly Blank faced challenges and adversity in her life, and her resilience and personal convictions inspired and guided her son Arthur’s approach to life, business and philanthropy. In her honor, the Molly Blank Fund of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation (the Fund), continues to support organizations and causes in which she believed. The Fund’s grantmaking prioritizes organizations that contribute to the robust and vibrant arts and culture community, Jewish causes emphasizing social justice and interfaith coalitions, and vulnerable populations with special emphasis on seniors and women and girls. The Fund invests in programs primarily in Arizona and Georgia, where Molly’s sons currently reside.

Molly Blank lived with her own unique blend of passion and toughness. She understood that she had limited time in the world and that any act of kindness could change the world for the better.

The legacy of Molly Blank lives on through the values and acts of giving that her sons share with their own children and grandchildren. The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation is proud to carry on that legacy through the philanthropic endeavors of the Molly Blank Fund.

“You only pass through life once, so make it count.”

Molly Blank

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