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AMB West Challenge Course

The AMB West Challenge Course is located on Mountain Sky Guest Ranch property in Emigrant, Montana. The course utilizes high and low ropes elements to create individual, family and team experiences for local nonprofit groups, supported by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, and AMB West ranch guests. It is designed to provide guests with an exciting opportunity to test themselves physically and mentally while fostering trust and creating connections.

"The Challenge Course provides an opportunity for the counselors to work with youth in a unique environment that builds trust to foster a stronger connection." - Nonprofit Executive Director -
"The Flying Squirrel was scary at first but it stared to be fun after getting past the fear." - Links for Learning, Third Grade Participant -
"The challenge course was amazing! Your facilitators were extremely helpful & encouraging." - West Creek Ranch Guest 2023 -
"I personally loved the challenge course. That really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Consider encouraging guests to give it a try. We only had a very small group who participated, but I loved it. The staff was great and made the challenge course enjoyable." - West Creek Guest 2023 -

About Challenge Course

The Challenge Course gives participants a chance to get comfortable with the uncomfortable through individual challenge, teamwork and collaboration. Our highly trained staff assists groups in exploring the purpose of their visit, in order to design an adventurous experience that will be fulfilling for the group.

With nine high ropes elements and four low, the entire course cannot be completed in one day. The experience can include participating in elements and initiatives on the ground or suspended 16 inches to 40 feet in the air. Participants may climb 25 feet to walk on cables, beams and platforms or jump off a pole.  No matter the intent of the visit our staff is committed to providing an experience in a safety-first environment.

The Challenge Course is available to local and regional nonprofits free of charge for groups of up to 15 people and on occasion up to 30 people, with a minimum age of 10 years old. The course is open mid-May through September.

To inquire about bringing your group, complete this form.

Once a date is confirmed, our staff will work with you to discuss liability.
See FAQs below for more details.

Challenge Course Form

Booking available from May 15 - October 31st
If you have flexibility in your timeline, please share more info below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
  • Age requirements:
      • 10-12 years old: must have a chaperone
      •  13+ years old: no chaperone required
  • All participants:
      • Must be 275 lbs or less for high elements only
      • Able to safely wear a harness
      • Sign an acknowledgment of risk and waiver of liability (see “What are the liability requirements” question below)
      • Be able to safely follow instructions
      • Must be a guest of Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, West Creek Ranch or a local/regional nonprofit
What are the liability requirements?
  • Organizational liability requirements due 30 days in advance of your visit
    • Organization Liability needed
      1. A copy of your organization’s Certificate of Insurance (minimum $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate), naming “Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, LLC” and “The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation” as additional insured
      2. Copy of organization’s Workers Compensation and employee liability coverage
        • See Exhibit A in this entity waiver below to learn more
      3. Entity Waiver must be signed by executive level representative of the visiting organization. Click here to view and sign.
  • Individual waiver requirements
    • Organizations visiting the course are responsible for distributing and collecting these waivers from their participants.
    • Waiver must be signed by any person visiting the property, including chaperones, caterers, guest speakers, etc.
    • Minors require parent/guardian signature.
    • Everyone visiting the property must sign a waiver each time they visit.
How do I get to the Challenge Course?

Please follow directions from your group organizer. We do not recommend using GPS or any mapping services to find the Challenge Course.

Is the Challenge Course at Mountain Sky Guest Ranch?

While AMB West Challenge Course is on Mountain Sky Guest Ranch Property, it is NOT located at the Guest Ranch. Please follow directions provided by your group’s organizer.

What is the recommended group size?

We recommend groups of eight to 12 people. On occasion, groups of up to 30 participants can be accommodated.

Is the Challenge Course safe?

Safety is our top priority. Our Challenge Course facilitators are professionally trained to minimize risks and ensure the physical, social, emotional and mental well-being of all participants.

What if there is bad weather during my visit?

We run activities rain or shine, except in extreme conditions. We follow the 30/30 rule for lightning: if lightning is within 30 miles, we stay grounded for 30 minutes. We have a 30-foot yurt for shelter where we can continue ground activities during inclement weather.

Does the course get inspected?

Our course and equipment are inspected annually by a certified third-party vendor and daily by our trained staff. Any elements that do not meet safety standards are taken out of operation until repaired.

Can I take photos and post them on social media?

Yes, you can absolutely take photos! While we don’t recommend climbing with a camera/cell phone in hand, you and your group will have opportunities to take photos throughout your experience. If you post your photo on social media, tag us at @blankfoundation. We love to see your photos!

What should I bring?
  • Individual waivers
  • Water bottles. There are refillable water jugs on site. Water bottles and cups are not provided.
  • Shoes should be form-fitting and cover the entire foot from toe to ankle. Stiff soles are recommended for comfort while climbing and protection throughout the experience. Open-toed shoes like Crocs, Tevas, Keens and FiveFingers are not permitted.
  • Wear athletic clothing with 4″ inseam shorts or longer. Layered, form-fitting outfits are recommended. Avoid baggy clothes and dangling accessories. Bring hair ties if needed.
  • A sense of adventure!

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