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Investing in Veterans

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation strongly believes that U.S. military veterans offer tremendous value to our communities. We also believe in helping veterans and their families realize their full potential.

It was in that spirit that the Veterans Community Fund (formerly the Overwatch Fund) was formed in 2018. The mission of the Veterans Community Fund (the Fund) is to empower U.S. veterans and their families to thrive in Georgia and Montana, where the Blank Family of Businesses are located. 

Administered by the foundation, the Fund is an associate-led giving committee directed by associates from across the Blank Family of Businesses who are U.S. veterans or who have strong personal connections to military service. Participation is on a volunteer basis, giving our associates the opportunity to live our Core Values.

The catalyst for the creation of the Fund was longtime veterans advocate, Angela Blank. Throughout her life, Angela has experienced firsthand the commitment made by the men and women of the U.S. military and the sacrifices that are made in their personal lives. Because of that, she made it her mission to give back to our military veterans and their families through philanthropy and support for veteran wellness programs.

“I feel so blessed and honored to be working with veterans and their families as they transition from military service to civilian life and civilian careers. The life challenges that I have personally experienced or witnessed have left a mark on my heart and inspired me to do everything I can to support these brave men and women,” said Angela. “Our veterans and their families have sacrificed so much for our country and my hope is that they can find their purpose and live the most meaningful and enjoyable lives as possible. The organizations that we help fund provide the tools to assist in their areas of need.”

The Fund’s approach to addressing veteran issues includes grant partnerships with nonprofit organizations, collaboration with private and public stakeholders, and veteran-centered community engagement. The Fund has provided grants to organizations such as Veterans Justice Commission, Hire Heroes USA, Adaptive Performance Center, Project Sanctuary and many more. In 2022, the Fund invested its $1 million budget in 14 different veteran organizations and has awarded more than $3 million in grants since 2018.

The Fund focuses on supporting programs and research that connect veterans and their families to post-service OPS:

  • Opportunities to find meaningful employment and careers
  • Purpose to redefine their mission post-service
  • Support to enhance well-being and address disparities

The foundation is proud to give back to those that have given so much to us. And thanks to leaders like Angela Blank and the many veterans’ advocacy groups, our military veterans and families have access to the support and resources they have so rightly earned and deserve. 

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