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Making Connections and Conquering Obstacles: AMB West Challenge Course

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation’s initiatives in Montana are an example of our chairman’s approach to leveraging the Blank Family of Businesses for good. Our nonprofit partners and local community organizations are able to access the AMB West Challenge Course, (the Challenge Course), which utilizes the outdoors and nature to educate, build trust and create connections.

Located at the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch in Emigrant, Montana, the Challenge Course is just a short distance from West Creek Ranch. The Challenge Course opened in 2018 and is used for event programming, team building, bonding and in-person interactions intended to bring people closer together.

The Challenge Course provides guests with an exciting opportunity to test their nerves on elements suspended 30 to 40 feet in the air. Guests start with a low ropes element to get comfortable, and then move onto the high elements with names such as “Islands in the Sky”, “Multi Vines” and “Leap of Faith.” Trained guides support guests while they take on different sections of the course that have them climbing, traversing, crawling, swinging and zip lining up to 20 miles per hour. The Challenge Course is adaptable to the participants’ goals and creates a shared experience for people of all ability levels.

“My favorite thing about the Challenge Course is being able to witness people challenging themselves,” said Whitney Lane, program manager, West Creek Ranch, AMB West Challenge Course, AMB West Basecamp. “The Challenge Course provides an opportunity to experience the connection and collaboration that is such a huge part of the foundation’s work.”

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