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The Family Fund






Why is the Family Fund Important?

At the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, our actions are driven by the Core Values shared across the entire Blank Family of Businesses (BFOB) that guide how we serve people, our communities and our country.

The BFOB Core Values are:

  • Listen and Respond
  • Lead By Example
  • Give Back to Others
  • Put People First
  • Innovate Continuously
  • Include Everyone

In alignment with these values, our chairman Arthur Blank and BFOB leadership recently announced the establishment of The Family Fund (the Fund). The Fund provides opportunities for all BFOB associates to donate and thereby create a Fund that will be available to help fellow associates who have been impacted by emergency situations or catastrophic events resulting in personal financial hardship, such as a natural disaster, house fire, illness, injury, crime or death. The Fund offers financial assistance through grants that help pay for essential living expenses, such as housing, utilities, food, clothing and other living necessities.

Every associate can determine an amount to contribute to the Fund, starting with as little as $1 per paycheck through regular payroll withholding elections. All associate contributions will be matched as part of the existing BFOB Matching Gift Program.

“At their essence, our Core Values are about always doing the right things for the right reasons. Throughout all of the Blank Family of Businesses, we are first and foremost in the people business,” said Harry Hynekamp, vice president, guest experiences, AMB Sports + Entertainment and Family Fund Director. “By understanding this, we know that if we take great care of one another, our associates will take great care of every aspect of our business. Our Core Values help us make the world a better place in all that we do.”

Through an annual cultural survey, BFOB associates are asked to share what makes our organization a great place to work, and the one word that is cited over and over again is “family.” The Fund is a way for the BFOB and all of our associates to demonstrate that we truly do Put People First, Listen and Respond and Give Back to Others, including our own. The Fund represents our Core Values in action, not just words on a screen or a piece of paper. Together, we’re building a legacy of caring and giving while also providing tangible support for the people that are at the core of the family in the Blank Family of Businesses.

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