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The Love of Man’s Best Friend

On Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate our love for the animals in our lives. Our pets can provide us with emotional support and physical support. They can be trusted listeners and loyal friends. And they love us unconditionally.

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation is proud to support the Atlanta Humane Society and its mission to improve animal welfare by providing quality animal services, including preventative initiatives, education, advocacy and adoption of animals into permanent loving homes.

The Atlanta Humane Society is a no-kill shelter providing sheltering and adoption, veterinary care and community outreach. As the oldest non-religious charity in Atlanta, they have been caring for our community and animals for 150 years.

In 2022, the foundation provided a $4 million grant to the Atlanta Humane Society. The capital grant supported the expansion of a new Westside Atlanta campus named the Arthur M. Blank Family Animal Center. The campus includes an adoption, behavior and medical facility, landscaped walking trails, a memory garden and educational spaces for the community to gather.

“This new Westside facility is helping to build the future for Atlanta’s animal population,” said Christina Hill, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the Atlanta Humane Society. “In addition to the specialized medical and behavioral care we are able to provide, we will continue our community outreach and education efforts here in the city. We have learned over time that if you support pet owners, fewer animals will come into the shelters.”

With the opening of the Arthur M. Blank Family Animal Center, the Atlanta Humane Society is positioned to be a leader in the city of Atlanta in rehabilitating animals and finding them new homes for decades to come.

“My family and I have always had a deep love for all animals, and I truly can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet family member at home. Animals bring an abundance of love, joy and companionship to humans, and we need them just as much as they need us,” said Arthur M. Blank, Chairman, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. “Protecting, improving and educating the community about animal welfare is a selfless, vital task, and we are honored to work with the Atlanta Humane Society to help bring this new center to life in hopes of continuing to support and pair thousands of animals with their new families.”

“Humane” can be defined as “showing kindness, care and compassion.” We couldn’t think of a better way to describe the good work being done at the Arthur M. Blank Family Center in support of our beloved animal community.

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