As our Board of Directors evaluated the approach of our new Environment giving area, they collectively came to the decision that we could make the most impact by addressing access to clean energy.

As a major source of global emissions, we believe the energy sector holds the key to responding to the world’s climate challenge. Energy is responsible for more than two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. Although the production of renewable energy has increased significantly, global use of fossil fuels has also increased, leading to a rapid growth in carbon dioxide emissions.

Experts agree that a substantial difference in reducing global warming will require an energy transition far larger and quicker than any before. We see philanthropy’s role in helping to address the policy and social roadblocks that can obstruct renewable energy’s projected progress and its equitable distribution and use.

Our Response

Our new energy strategy will invest in solutions that accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and its positive impact on people’s lives. We will focus initially on expanding access to clean energy in regional energy markets in the Intermountain West and Southeast.

The expected outcomes of our new energy strategy hold tremendous potential. Increased access to renewable energy helps everyone.

Over the next ten years, we will work with nonprofit, business and government partners to bring accelerated deployment of renewable energy to fruition.

Our first slate of grants totals more than $11.6 million. We’ll work with these organizations to gain a greater understanding of how we as a funder can most effectively move towards our desired outcomes.